How to Cure Yourself When You Are Feeling Stressed and Frustrated

Change Your Mindset


While you are living your day to day life, it is impossible to feel always good and high. Good and bad things happen day in and day out, and the only defense you have when bad things happen is how to choose to react to them.

Years ago i struggled(sometimes is still struggle obviously) a lot with the emotional highs and lows in my every day life.

While i started my journey to improve and become the best version of myself, some days i would feel on top of the world. Other days i wanted to quit and get back to my old bad habits.

We all know what it feels when you are trying really hard for something and you only see a small progress in your goals and your life in general.

It is a weird mix of frustration, stress, anxiety and worry.

After a lot of time, i came to some realizations which helped me figure out how to get out of these negative thought patterns i kept falling into.

Start With Your Mindset

Here’s the thing…

Feeling low is just an emotion, a negative mental state of mind.

What triggers this mental state?

It could be anything. From not achieving this promotion in your career, failing to lose some extra pounds, bad luck when it comes to your relationship goals, literally anything which is related to your every day life.

Needless to say, it’s not good to feel this way, even for one or two days.

How Do You Get Out of This Mental State?

There are simple and easy to implement ways to shift yourself out of this negative state you find yourself in.

You will always have to deal with the every day problems life has for all of us, but you can learn how to deal with these states now.

You can start with something simple to get you to change up the pattern so you are not focusing on what’s not going well in your life, but focusing on what’s going right.

  1. Go for a run
  2. Walk in the nature or a beach if it is possible
  3. Do a workout
  4. Enjoy the company of a good friends of yours

Do anything that gets the heart rate up, or make you smile and have some good times.

When you do this ask yourself:

  1. What things in my life are going right? There are more than you think, that’s for sure.
  2. What things in my life are going well?
  3. The most important: How much progress have i made with my life goals?

The big idea here is to focus on the good things, instead of letting the negative thought patterns consume your state of mind.

The reason you need to immediately shake your mind out of it, is that if you don’t, you will be subject to the whims of confirmation bias.

What Is Confirmation Bias?

The main idea behind confirmation bias, is the idea that we try to find evidence for whatever we believe for our lives or life in general is true.

So if you things things are going wrong, you are going to search for evidence to support your theory that things are going wrong.

If you didn’t take that dream job you have always wanted and worked hard for it, you will start stressing. If you didn’t lose that extra pounds till the end of previous month you will get anxious. You will be wondering, why things are not going well for you or you will start feeling that you are worthless and a failure. Then you will start to give up on your dreams and your goals, by returning back to the same know standards and mediocrity of your previous life.

The best thing you can do to avoid this, is to take full control of your mind and be able to shake yourself back into a more positive state.

You Can Choose to Be More Positive

Because when it really comes down to it, it is your choice.

You can either choose to believe your negative thoughts and focus on the negative things, or you can realize that not everything is going bad, and look for evidence to support the good things which happen in your life.

Learning how to change your physiological state takes time and practice, but it is something i urge you to try it until you will be able to achieve it quickly and with the desired results.

Once you learn how to control your mind, then, your only limit when it comes to your life goals will be literally only the sky!

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As always thank you for reading!

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