The Law Of Attraction Can Also Help You With Your Career

Law Of Attraction and the Workplace

For those of you who are not budding entrepreneurs or seasoned business owners, you may still find many applications of the Law Of Attraction when it comes to the workplace. In particular, you can use the Law to improve your status within your peer group, to get raises, to get promotions, and to capture opportunities that might otherwise elude you. In the paragraphs below, we will consider each of these possibilities.

Law Of Attraction and Getting a Promotion

Getting a promotion is tricky business. Usually, it involves hard work, bargaining, and politics. Fortunately, you have a tool that many do not have at their disposal: the Law of Attraction. And you can apply it to ensure that you get promoted.

How is this?

Below, we’ll consider two different ways in which you can use the Law of Attraction to get a promotion:

1: Using Focus and Visualization

One of the things that separate those who use the Law Of Attraction from those who don’t is the ability of Law’s users to stay focused on goals. For those who don’t use it (and this may include you until now), the connection between their goals and their actions isn’t always clear. Instead, they focus on one goal for a period of time, struggle to see how they can achieve it, and then move to the next.

Using focus and visualization is a critical part of ensuring that you achieve your goal of getting promoted. Instead of leaving yourself adrift in a sea of varying ambitions and ideas, you have to decide what it is that you want. That is part 1 of the Law Of Attraction. And you’ve already decided: you want a promotion.

Part 2 requires you to focus narrowly on that goal and visualize it happening. Can you? If you can’t, then you may want to rethink whether you really wanted the promotion in the first place. If you encounter serious resistance, then you may want to truly ask yourself whether the increase in pay will be worth the increase in responsibilities.

If you can visualize this process, then it is important to do so regularly. This will keep you focused on your goal and it will help you to find ways that you can attract that promotion into your life.

One thing you will notice as you go forward and practice your visualizations is a heightened sense of awareness of your goal. When you are at work, you will be highly conscious of what you are doing and you will think about how it affects your probability of getting a promotion.

At first, this might seem like a bad thing, but in fact, it is one of the best ways to achieve positive outcomes. Instead of letting the world do as it pleases with you, you are going to take charge and determine how the world will be shaped according to your vision.

2: Persuading Co-Workers and Bosses

In addition to using the Law Of Attraction to focus on and visualize your promotion, you can also use the Law in other ways to persuade co-workers and bosses to campaign for your promotion.

How can you do this?

The short answer is that you can do so by using the power of positive thought. The longer answer is that practicing the Law Of Attraction in the workplace will not only make you a more effective worker, but it will also encourage others to campaign for your promotion.

The reason for this lies in the essence of the Law approach: to focus exclusively on how to overcome challenges, rather than on their existence itself. At first, this might seem overly-optimistic to your co-workers, but as bosses and co-workers alike see you in action, they will increasingly come to appreciate your approach.

Where others give up and conclude that a challenge is simply insurmountable, you will continue chipping away at the problem until you finally make a breakthrough. And you will do this precisely because you know that the Law works and that, by using it, you cannot only achieve success in the end, but leverage that success into a promotion.

With this said, you now have two powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to applying the Law to get a promotion at work. Let’s now consider how you can use the Law to improve the condition of your workplace.

How to Improve Your Relationship with Co-Workers

Another way in which you can apply the Law Of Attraction to your workplace is to improve your relationship with your co-workers. At first, you might not think this is terribly important, but in fact, it can make the difference between a very gloomy, depressing day at work and a pleasurable day at work.

So, instead of being outwardly cynical and derisive towards your co-workers, find ways to improve your relationships with them. But before you do this, start by convincing yourself that it is a worthwhile goal, as the Law Of Attraction instructs. Once you have convinced yourself that it is worthwhile to improve your atmosphere at work by developing stronger relationships with your co-workers, you can then move forward from there.

The next step, of course, is visualization. You will have to imagine how it is that you will move forward from your current position. You will have to connect the dots in your mind by visualizing how you will become closer with your coworkers; and how you will position yourself to be helpful and friendly.

In brief, making these slight changes can have a significant impact on your environment at work. Not only will you look forward to seeing your co-workers, but you will also drop the mindset that you are all competing in zero-sum game. Additionally, you may find it encouraging to go to work each day when you know you will be greeted by friends who care about you, rather than people who are scheming to snatch that promotion ahead of you.

How to Enjoy Your Work Life More

If nothing else, the Law tells us that we have the power to shape and reshape our lives. It instructs us to focus on thoughts and actions that are conducive to the very specific goals we set. And to avoid becoming bogged down in negativity and hypothetical disaster scenarios.

Instead, what we should do is think about how we want to reshape our life, so that it is better. We should think about how a challenge might be overcome, rather than obsessing that the challenge exists in the first place.

In short, we need to move far away from negative thoughts. And we need to move towards positive, productive, actionable thoughts. We need thoughts that can move us forward and provide us with direction, rather than ones that make us life in fear of failure.

Since the workplace is the place where we spend much of our waking hours (perhaps 30 to 60 of them a week), it’s no surprise that the key to improving our lives often lies in how happy we are with our work life.

Interestingly, though, the Law Of Attraction doesn’t necessarily instruct us to “find a new job” if the current one is providing complete satisfaction. Rather, it suggests that we should stop focusing so narrowly on our dissatisfaction. Instead, what we should do is focus on how that dissatisfaction might be overcome by our actions and attitude.

Not only does this approach help us to improve our lives, but it empowers us to take control of things we normally let control us. For instance, on a daily basis, we live in fear of many things that will definitely happen at work; and, when they do, we will find ourselves irritated or bored.

Surprisingly, most of us do little to try to change these situations. Instead of focusing on the issue and visualizing a plausible and positive solution, we simply give in to its inevitability, and spend the day dreading the time when it will finally show up.

But, in truth, we do not need to do this. We can take control of our life. And we can do it using the Law. From now on, spend at least 15 minutes each night visualizing how you can improve the following workday. Focus on the things that you hate most and use the powerful simulator that your brain provides in order to overcome those things.

But in addition to this, keep in mind what the Law claims: you will attract that which you focus on. So, you may not only want to focus on attracting these clear improvements into your life, but you may also want to focus on attracting the things that you do enjoy about your workday, too. If you can amplify these things, you will dread the coming workday less and less.

Law Of Attraction and Personal Finance

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, there are big and important things you can do with it. You can use it to make friends, to improve romantic relations, to get a promotion at work, or to start a new business. What you might not realize is that it is also good for small things, like solving simple personal finance problems. In this section, we will consider how to use it correctly.

How to Improve Your Finances with the Law Of Attraction

At one point in all of our respective lives, we’ve been in this situation: we’re working all the time, but it simply doesn’t pay the bills. We’re persistently behind on rent. We’re having trouble making the car payment. And we’re eating things we normally wouldn’t simply because they were on sale at the grocery store.

In those times, we were probably very conscious of our poverty. We focused mostly on what we lacked and it made us feel weak and powerless. We felt as if even a tiny change in our lives could make the entire house of cards fall down.

Fortunately, if you’re in this situation now, you now have the opportunity to use the Law Of Attraction to get yourself out of it. Instead of focusing on your poverty (which, as the Law suggests, will only beget poverty), you can focus on something else.

In fact, you can ignore your poverty completely and focus on what you can do. And, as usual, it must all start with a set of goals, which come from careful thought and focus.

For instance, what goals can you set that could lift you out of poverty and put you on track to becoming financially secure? Focus on this each day in a constructive and non-negative way. Finally, fix these goals and stick with them.

Once you have fixed your goals, start to visualize how they will be realized. Imagine that you are walking through the process; and anticipate how you will respond to challenges and succeed.

All of this is important. It will prepare you to act all of this out in real life, where challenges will buffet you; and where you will be forced to rely on contingency plants to navigate through a complicated world.

Finally, as always open yourself to the realization of this goal. Be at peace with it; and do not self-sabotage a good outcome.

How to Apply the Principle of Abundance When You’re Broke

It might sound contradictory, but the principle of abundance doesn’t stop applying simply because you are broke. When you use the Law Of Attraction to focus on situations where you face abundance, rather than scarcity, that is precisely what you will attract into your life over time. 

And there need not be anything magical or unexplained about it. Rather, the attraction comes from your focus, visualization, and determination. Rather than focusing on how poor you are, you will focus on how you might cast off your own poverty and become wealthy.

This redirection of thought can do wonders in terms of keeping you focused on real, achievable goals, rather than the fear of failure. So be sure to practice it, even when the times are hardest; and even when the prospects are bleakest.


The Law of Attraction need, not only play a role in your social life.

It can also be used to improve your outcomes in the workplace, with a business you own, or in any personal or financial venture you take.

The key to getting everything to work is simply to follow the three-step procedure I have repeated:

First, fix a goal.

Second, visualize yourself accomplishing that goal.

And third, open yourself to realizing that goal.

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