How to Unleash The Flow of Abundance

How to Unleash The Flow of Abundance

Unleashing the Flow

If you want to make things effortless then you should make small changes to allow the flow of abundance to come into your life unhindered, i.e. without interfering with, or restraining the natural flow in any way.

So, if you were to think of abundance itself as a vast, endless ocean, you could then think of a river connecting directly to that ocean… and the flow of that river would represent the abundance that’s flowing into your life.

And, this metaphorical river is flowing inward, towards you. In other words, abundance is always flowing in your direction.

But, there’s a problem…

You see, the effortlessness with which the river flows abundance into your life depends on how many blockages or obstacles exist in that river.

The blockages/obstacles could be in the form of huge rocks and boulders scattered along the river, fallen trees or logs/branches, and any other debris that somehow ended up in that river (tires, bottles, whatever. I’m sure you can use your imagination.)

So, think of the current state of abundance in your life as that river. Some rivers are cleaner or dirtier than others, obviously.

The point is, if you are not feeling and experiencing effortless abundance in your life right now, it simply means that your river (which is still connected directly to the entire ocean of endless abundance, and is still flowing inward) simply has some obstacles and blockages that are slowing down (or stopping) the abundance from reaching you.

This is nothing personal, by the way. We all have to deal with this. And, as we go through life, a lot of garbage and debris gets thrown into our river of abundance, despite our best intentions and attempts.

The important thing is, we can change that. We can start to clean out that river, so that more and more abundance can flow into your life… with less and less effort, until it reaches the point of effortless flow.

The question that remains for you is…

Is it worth a little bit of your time and effort, to start cleaning out that river so that it becomes permanently clean – once and for all …so that you can finally experience effortless and lasting abundance?

Is your life worth that?

Is the life of those you care about worth that? (Because your life, and state of abundance, is already affecting everyone around you…and, will continue to do so.)

Now, please understand that the effort required will be little, especially when compared to the results and benefits you will experience in return.

And, each block that you remove will also create momentum. So, the river itself will start to help you in cleaning itself out more and more.

Also, the more things start to flow in your direction, the more momentum it will gain. And, each additional action that you take to remove a blockage will only make the overall flow – and process – easier as well as more efficient.

You’re probably familiar with the phenomenon that those who have money are always the ones that are given more.”

How are some of these rich folks able to continue getting richer?

And, they don’t have to exert much effort, and often none at all. But the money just keeps pouring in…automatically.

What they did was remove the financial blockages from their river, long ago (either purposely or by accident.)

You can do the same. Not just in the financial area but in all areas of your life.

By the way, which particular blocks you choose to remove first is up to you.

Some people like to start by getting the major ones out first. That can require slightly more effort in the beginning, but it can also create bigger shifts in the overall flow of the river. And, that increased flow can also assist you in removing the other blocks more easily, often without much effort from you at all…since you will be joining in with the force of the river, to get rid of some of the other blocks automatically.

Other people tend to start with the smaller blocks, so they can see some results (even though smaller) almost immediately. And the results can then inspire them to continue clearing out more and more blocks, and experience more and easier flow, while also harnessing the flow power of the river to make their future removals easier.

Whichever approach you decide to choose for the removal of blockages is up to you

One of the things I would highly recommend is that you start with the block that are closest to the ocean, i.e. the source.

Because that block will impact the flow of the river in the biggest way. As such, it will also start to help you right away, in removing some of the other blocks just from the increased flow of the river.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, you may already be familiar with some of the blockages – and you may even have removed some of them already (or you may be fortunate enough to have never had those blocks in your river at all.)

Everyone is at a different level in their attainment of unleashing the flow of abundance.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you are right now.

What’s important for you to realize is, you can improve your situation with each passing day, as long as you follow the advice in this article and in the future ones and start removing those blockages, one by one.

I’ve had many friends, who make just one simple change in their lives (which I call “effortless action”) and experience substantial shifts and improvements starting to happen in their lives…

In the next article we will talk about how to regain your lost energy and allow the flow of abundance pour into your life.

As always thank you for reading!

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