The Abundance Consciousness and How to Achieve It

The Abundance Consciousness and How to Achieve it-Part 1

The abundance consciousness doesn’t have much to do with your mindset..

Actually, it doesn’t have much to do with your mind at all. (You’ll understand why soon.)

Consciousness goes much deeper than the mind, emotions, or even ego. It arises from your core, and it ripples through your entire being.

So, true abundance can only be experienced right now. Not in the future.

True abundance does not depend on getting something or someone in order to exist. It’s always there. You’re either connecting with it or you’re not.

The very moment that you finally internalize this consciousness, a major shift happens – in everything that you have, know and are. A major blockage gets removed from your river of abundance when you finally embody the concept – the truth – that you don’t need anything in order to feel abundance. And you certainly don’t need to wait for the future to feel abundant.

It’s a radical transformation that can change your whole life.

As far as blockages are concerned, this is it. This is the biggest one, and this is the one that resides in a part of your river that is closest to the ocean itself. It’s right up there.

That means, by removing this one major blockage, you can increase the inward flow of abundance into your river in a major way…and…many of the other smaller blockages can get pushed out simply from the increased flow of the river.

In other words, many of the other blockages can get removed effortlessly, without any effort on your part.

So, if you were to ask me what the best place and blockage to start with is, I’d say this is the one..

Because, after you do this one, you will already be abundant. It’ll be done. And, you won’t feel the need to do anything else in order to have more abundance. You’ll do it simply to align more with the natural flow of life – not because you desire more “stuff.”

Look, I realize that some of the language right here sounds a bit new-age and out there. And, I hope that it will not get in the way of your putting this powerful knowledge to use, and benefiting greatly from it.

I hope that you will put any biases or existing beliefs aside for just a little while, and use this knowledge, in order to create effortless abundance in your life.

It’s kind of like learning to float on water. And, the only way to do so is to just relax and let go. And, once you get it, you can’t unlearn it. You just keep on floating, without trying, and without any effort.

Okay…so how do we do it? How do we remove this major blockage?

How do we start to bring about, and cultivate, the abundance consciousness?

Becoming Aware

The first step to achieving the abundance consciousness has already happened inside of you… simply by your reading and learning about this stuff.

Awareness is always the first step. And, with awareness alone, the shift can begin to happen inside you.

Because, contrary to what most of us believe, awareness does not come from the mind. It certainly does not come from your emotions. And, most definitely not from your ego.

And, as soon as someone becomes aware of these ideas and concepts that I share here, she/he can already start to “wake up.”

Awareness is the beginning of the awakening process. And, it can already start to align you more with the natural flow of abundance. And so, that’s the first “effortless” action.

You may already be aware of this. And you may already recognize that abundance is not something you can go out there and grab, pull or force into your life. (The more you force it, the more blockages you create.)

But rather, it’s about allowing the already-existing and incoming flow, by removing the obstacles that stand between you and abundance.

Making the Internal Shift

Next… you can start with the little things, and continue to expand the energy by bringing in more and more of this new consciousness into your interaction with people, things, and situations.

It takes a little practice at first, especially since most of us have been conditioned to do things very differently, for so many years.


The next time that you see something that you like…maybe in the window of your favorite store, or just out there somewhere…your first reaction may be to think, “Oooh, I want that!” or “I wish I had that” or “I really wish I could afford that…”

And, that’s okay… that’s your conditioned response which has been replaying in your head for many years.

But, now that you’re aware of what true abundance and the abundance consciousness really is, you can catch yourself during that automatic reaction of “wanting”…

…and instead realize that…

… you don’t have to “own” it in order to feel, or at least acknowledge, it’s existence. There is already an abundance (of cars, money, love, the new clothing item, watch, cell phone, or whatever it is) out there. Many people have it, and many more of those things are being made.

The fact that you don’t “own” one right now doesn’t mean that an abundance of it doesn’t exist out there.

This desire we have to “own” everything isn’t really our own either (shocking but if you think about it, true)! That too is borrowed! We weren’t born with it. We simply stumbled upon the idea somewhere along the way, and learned to make it our own.

Some years back, Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, was asked why he didn’t own a boat, like all the other super wealthy folks did.

His response was,


What for?”

He then added that if he bought a boat, he would then have to maintain it or even learn how to operate it. And it was just too much work.

He then said some of the most brilliant words, which were, “I have friends who have boats.” And, if he wants to ride in a boat, he’ll just borrow from one of them or ride with one of them.

So, wanting to “own” everything, or anything, is just our frail ego’s way of feeling better about itself, and about life. It has nothing to do with true abundance.

And, with this practice that I’ve shared above, you can gradually let go of the “wanting”…and the desire to have, and especially the need to “own” stuff. (A lot of that comes from the ego, which we may talk about more, soon.)

The craziest part of all this is, we already know – on some level – that getting or “owning” that new item is not going to really make us happy.

In fact, anything new that you get will only make you happy for a very short while. And, within a few months, weeks or even days, you’ll want the next new thing.

Many people who have already gone through the “making money” and “achieving success” game have realized that the “wanting” will not go away after you get what you’re after. You will just want more.

Your mind – and your ego – will simply want the next bigger toy, or car or house… to “own” and play with…and especially to show/impress others. (There’s that ego, again.) That inner wanting never ends. It never goes away. And it never will. (Not until you start practicing making the internal shift to true abundance consciousness.)

You can look at just about everything that you have right now…things that you bought, acquired, experienced…and you’ll realize that you really wanted all of those things, at one point in your life.

But, after you got it, the excitement or fulfillment of those things lasted for a little while… and then slowly (or quickly) fizzled away. And, you moved on to wanting the next thing…or the next goal, or the next challenge. (All of those wants are coming from the same place inside you.)

This is the vicious cycle of “wanting” and “needing to own” that most of us are trapped in. And, it has gone on long enough.

It’s time to break the pattern. It’s time to rise above it. It’s time to evolve and get to connect with true abundance

Am I saying that you should stop enjoying material things?

No, not at all. You can still enjoy things. In fact, this is about enjoying material things more fully than you ever have before.

Because, part of your attention and enjoyment will no longer be consumed/diverted by attachment, fear of loss, or desire to have more of it sometime in the future.

Your attention will be here…completely…on what’s in front of you (in your life) right now.

All of the usual (and useless) emotional noise tends to just drop away. And you enjoy everything (and everyone) in your life fully…probably for the first time in your life…or after a very long time (since back when you were still a child.)

Fear, attachment, and desire are some of the major blockages that slow down – or completely stop – the flow of abundance

So, don’t view this as giving up anything. Because you’re not. You just letting go of the emotional attachment to those things.

And, that’s actually about opening up the abundance flow more, so that more of it can flow into all areas of your life.

Finally, you should know that the only way to get in touch with the essence of true abundance and adopt the abundance consciousness is to do it right now.

You can only do it right here and right now

You can’t wait for it to happen next year, next month, next week, tomorrow, or even in the next hour. It can only be done, touched, and experienced right now – in the present moment.

It’s a practice, it’s a new habit and perspective that you need to develop.

It’s a new way of living.

And yes, a little effort is needed to get it started. But, only because you’re not used to being and living this way.

So, it’s not so much about effort…it’s more about feeling a little uncomfortable or unfamiliar at first. But, that tends to happen anytime you try to learn something new (whether it’s riding a bike, learning to type, swimming, or heck, even walking!)

It’s normal. And it’s definitely worth doing…considering what you are getting back: a life of true abundance…and freedom.

Or you could keep doing things the way you have been doing for years. If that way of life is working for you, then great.

If not, maybe now is the time to try it a different way

Oh yeah… if the above “abundance consciousness” practice seems too far out of your comfort zone of current belief system, if you honestly don’t feel that you’re ready for this level of release just yet, that’s okay.

Nothing that I advise here is about forcing something on yourself. (That takes too much effort…and rarely works in a positive way.)

You can simply start with one of the other processes (and blockages) that I discuss in the previous and i will discuss in the next articles.

And, when you feel like you’re ready for this one, just come back for it then.

As always thank you for reading!

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