Law Of Attraction Relieved My stress and Helped Me Save My Career-Meet John

Law Of Attraction Relieved My stress and Helped Me Save My Career-Meet John

Law of Attraction relieved my stress and helped me save my career…

…While Also Helped Me Improve My Life In So Many Ways!


John is one of our readers and he asked us to publicize his personal story, in order to help and inspire other people who may face similar struggles in his/her life.


“Hello my name is John Miller and I am a 32 years old, sales associate from Ohio.

I want to share my story with the readers of EL Better Life, because I think it might help someone with their journey with the Law of Attraction and also as a thank you for the help I received from the people here.

So, my struggle had to do with my job, but first things first…

I have always wanted this job for me, since I was a teenager and  I studied really hard in order to be able to make a career on it.

I am doing this job for seven years now, but the last year something really bad happened to me.

I wasn’t focused on my duties. Everyday interactions with so many people started to stress me out and I felt a huge burden on my chest. As a physical consequence I started to have problems with my daily commutes.

Bad communication leads to misunderstandings with clients and misunderstandings lead to losing important deals.

And this was no good, as my mood and my stress went from bad to worse and I wasn’t even understand why this is happening to me. 

My life outside the job was good at the time. I had a great relationship, friends, money was good as long as I was good at my job and I was ready to make a proposal to my girlfriend to be my wife.

I decided to visit a psychologist…

After a couple of sessions his conclusion was that I needed a career change…

I said to myself: WHAT? 

Not even close…

I am in love with my job, why would I need something like this?

Something else was the real problem and I knew it.

Every day I was searching on the internet for similar situations just like mine, while I was reading self improvement blogs, articles and anything I thought could stand as an assistant for me. 

One day I stumbled upon EL Better Life’s instagram page and a particular post about “mental blockages” and how these blockages can affect your everyday life, even though your life seems to be on the right track.

And I kept searching and reading more and more, but nothing really changed…

I felt good when I read all the self-improvement material but then they all disappeared from my mind after a few hours.. 

After a few weeks  something really bad happened to me, which was the turning point for me.

It was an ordinary day in my job when my boss called me in his office…

When this happened, my stress multiplied and I couldn’t even keep my hands calm as my whole body was shaking at the moment..

Unfortunately, my boss wanted me to give me a deadline…

“John what is going on?

For a long time now you are not concentrated enough.

You lose deals and clients.

What happened to you?”

I didn’t know what to say…

I managed to say that, maybe I need some time off to get back on my feet.

He gave me one week off and he told me to rest and come back, but if my performance will still be low I would be fired…

I was terrified.

All these years and struggles to be able to have a position like this one, doing my dream job and now there was a possibility to lose my job?

The rest of the day was one of the hardest days of my life.

I turned back home, tired and frustrated. For two days straight nothing could possibly cheer me up, not even my girlfriend. 

I had to do something but I wasn’t sure what exactly…

On the third day while I was browsing my instagram profile another post from you guys here on EL Better Life popped up, talking about the Manifestation Magic Program and how it can help you to rewire your brain and remove your blockages….


That hits straight to the point.

But it sounded too good to be true.. Is this something real?

Is it possible for these sounds to help me recover from my negative state of mind and come back on my feet?

Is this possible for this program to help me be again the person I have always been and help me remove my blockages?

I told myself, why not?

What I have to lose? 

As I discovered later, when you have nothing to lose you can try something new and see for yourself what happens.

Long story short, I decided to give it a try.

Also I decided to follow your advice hear and listen to these audios just right before bedtime.

After day one, nothing really changed. The second day I woke up with a very positive attitude, I was feeling much less stressed and I felt overall happy about myself and my life in general.

In a few days I returned back to my job and although in the beginning, stress seemed to come back I managed to keep it under my control and things were better..

Although I was feeling much better I decided to not leave the habit of listening to these audios every single night and this was one of the best decisions I have made until now in my life… 

The real miracle was about to revealed to me a few weeks later…

I finally managed to “dig” in my subconscious mind and understand the deep reason of my stress and why this situation come to me in this particular moment in my life…

And what was the reason?

I managed to understand that I had extremely big expectations for everything and from everyone and I was such a perfectionist, and that thing along started to fight against me and my mental health.

Boom. That was the reason for all my struggles.

I decided to keep my responsibility when it comes to my job and other important every day commutes, but also I decided to not take every single moment of my life so seriously!!

I fell in love again with my girlfriend as I hold her hand and enjoy an everyday moment such us watching a movie together.

I enjoy moments with my friends even more than before.

What I want to say is, that I finally understood that I have to let things go from time to time.

I am going to ask my girlfriend to be my wife and I am so excited about it!

I would like to thank you EL Better Life for your help and I want to let you guys know that I am really grateful for the moment you pop up on my instagram feed and introduced me to such a powerful and life changing program!

I hope the best for both you and your followers! 

Keep spreading the word and help other people! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


We thank you John for sharing your story with us!

We wish you the best both in your professional and personal life!




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