The Law of Attraction Helped Me Get Married My Perfect Husband-Meet Isha

The Law of Attraction Helped Me Get Married My Perfect Husband-Meet Isha

…Against all odds and while I was sure that I lost him


Hello my name is Isha and I am 25 years old, from the city of Jaipur in India.

Three years ago while I was in college I met him and fell in love immediately. This man was everything I have ever asked from God. He had every single thing I was looking for in a man and I knew that I wanted to be my husband. 

We started a relationship and I was really happy, but I was also afraid of the possibility of losing him. I have to say here that at that time I knew nothing about the law of attraction…

One year later, the day I was afraid the most, became a reality.

I lost him and not only that, but a few months later he got engaged to another woman. 

You see, we had a lot of difficulties…

His parents didn’t want me as a bride for their son. My parents also had problems with our relationship…And then…The negative energy of our parents pour into our relationship and we broke up..

He managed to get over it soon and he found another woman but I was really disappointed and I didn’t know what to do with my life…

I was depressed and I felt that my life was over…

One day I was searching through the internet for ways to get back on my feet again, and I discovered the term “law of attraction”. I was immediately hooked up by the possibility that  you can attract anything you want with the power of your thoughts.

I started to search and read about the law of attraction, purchased some books, read them and started to feel a lot better about my life and my current situation.

I felt strong.

I finally managed to understand that I am a powerful creator and I have the power to manifest the life I have always wanted with my thoughts and my focused actions.

I was feeling that this law is some kind of real life magic and everything around me started to change in a really good way!

And then…

Few months later he came back to me. He told me that he was no good in his current relationship and he was about to break up with his girlfriend. 

Finally he broke up and he showed an interest to be with me again. I was so happy! I started to believe that the law of attraction finally worked for me…but only for a while…

Months passed by and I wanted to get married to him, but he did not want to even consider this. 

You see, he was afraid of our parents and he didn’t know how to fight and overcome their objections. 

I was frustrated and started to complain about the law of attraction. I was asking…

“if there is no way to be with this man ever, why the universe bring him back to me?”

While I tried to get an answer I met you guys from EL Better Life on instagram and you helped me a lot. I started to repeat my affirmations, keep a gratitude journal, live my life with hope, be grateful for all the good things in my life…

While I decided to try this powerful program you introduced to me too, for a chance to be able to be more positive and try to find out a way to help this relationship thrive.

I said to myself, I always wanted to be with this man, I am going to enjoy it and try to find a way to overcome all the struggles and let the marriage go for a while.  

I managed to raise my vibration and I understood that this life should be all about us and not what our parents want for our lives.

I tried to help my love understand this one and not to be afraid of his parents too. After all it is our life and if we move on, our parents will eventually be with our side.

After a while, magic really happened! 

One beautiful morning my love woke up, decided to not care anymore about our parents’ objections and he proposed to me.  

Now I am married with him, we are so happy with our lives, while our parents couldn’t do anything else than to accept our marriage.

You see, who can go against the power of real love?

We “beat” their objections with our true belief in our relationship!

Right now I believe we are two of the happiest people in the world!  

We love each other and now we are ready to be parents! 

This is my personal story with the law of attraction and I wanted to share with all of the readers of EL Better Life to spread the courage and inspiration.

The Law of Attraction Works Like Magic!

It took some time to work for me but it worked!

With my true belief, focus, visualization and actionable steps, I managed to finally attract my dream life! 

I am so thankful!

Thank you very much EL Better Life for all the help you gave me and the personal guidance on instagram! 

I love you guys! 

Keep up the good work and spread the magic around you as you already do it!

Thank you!


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