The Power Of Negative And Positive Thinking-Understanding The Law of Attraction

The Power Of Negative And Positive Thoughts-Understanding The Law of Attraction

Understanding the Law of Attraction

In the last article, we talked about love, family and the law of attraction.

In this one, we are going to go over the power of negative and positive thinking.

Very often people ask,

“Why is the Law of Attraction so hard to apply to my life?”

Perhaps you’re one of the many people who feel a bit frustrated by the results you’re getting.

Most people believe that attraction begins and ends with negative or positive thoughts.

While your thoughts do matter, there is more to the attraction process and much more to understand about the nature of thought.

You see negative and positive thoughts do have a charge.

A negative thought has a much weaker charge than a higher more positive thought.

Success with the Law of Attraction depends on you having higher thoughts not simple because they affirm what you want to attract but because the higher your overall thought frequency the higher your attraction.

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For most people, it is quite hard to elevate their thought vibration to a higher more powerful frequency.

It’s not as easy as simply saying, “Today, I am going to think positive thoughts.” 

After many years of thinking in a negative way a person’s overall frequency is quite low and it will take a little extra to change that overall frequency.

The lower your frequency the harder it is for you to attract what you want.

The Law of Attraction will simply keep you at the same level where you presently are.

One or two positive thoughts will not automatically make you a magnet for attracting what you want.

There are many ancient practices such as meditation, that can help in shifting a person’s overall frequency to astonishingly higher levels very easy and in a matter of minutes. 

Often, we turn away from teachings that are foreign to us but the reality is…

If you want to change your life you must be willing to do things differently from the way you have always done it.

You must be willing to be open in order to maximize your understanding of the Law of Attraction and your ability to manifest what you want.

So, the question is,

What would you be willing to do to finally attract what you want easily?

Stay tuned for the next article. 

We will be talking about how to use the Law of Attraction to attract money!

Thank you for reading!

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