How To Attract Money With The Law Of Attraction-The True Secret

How To Attract Money With The Law Of Attraction-The True Secret

Understanding the Law of Attraction

In the last article, we talked about the power of negative and positive thinking.

In this one, we are going to talk about using the Law of Attraction to attract money. 

Does the Law of Attraction really works when it comes to attracting more money?

That’s the question in the minds of many people.

Sure, it does, but there are rules and secrets to attracting money that will change the flow of money in your direction once you know how it all works.

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Right now, you may be feeling scared, frustrated, or just stuck.

There is a whole wide world of possibilities to be lived and experienced but it’s all out of your reach because you’re short on money. Well so you think anyway. None of what you believe about money is true even the belief that you need money to live the life that you want.

– To begin with, there are more to this than simply repeating money affirmations

I know many people tell you that money affirmations will change your mind. Money affirmations will help you to attract more money. But there are more to it. If there weren’t you won’t read this article and instead you would spend the money you should have had from using those money affirmations.

There is a powerful way of attracting and it requires that you first become aware of yourself.

Your very own nature as a magnet. 

When you become aware of your own inner void and how to use your divine center you can suck money or anything you desire to you.

The Law of Attraction will become a game to you. Your ability to manifest will increase.

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– The money portal is you

You can get the Law of Attraction to bring you what you desire when you learn how to draw intense magnetic power towards you first. That is the true secret. First you become magnetic then you draw what you want.  

Think of a magnet and how it draws metals from all various angles. It doesn’t draw from one side alone, it magnetically attracts from several sides and it does so very fast.  It is irresistible to all other forms of metal.  

That is the true secret to applying the law of attraction.

Most people have the Law of Attraction in reverse. You must first become the portal for raw power. It’s a cosmic power so great that you can manifest anything.

Imagine being able to charge yourself that you become irresistible to all the things that you want. Applying the Law of Attraction will then become easier. There will be no struggle when you create a desire because that desire will desire you.

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– Money will desire to move towards you

If you understand the nature of energy you will understand that all things are alive in the universe, including the things we consider dead.

Energy can never be destroyed. It is always moving and changing form. Money is also energy. As you become more magnetic money will follow you. You will not chase money, rather it will find its way to you easily.

The Law of Attraction will become a game to you.

Make sure you stay tuned for the next article.

We will be talking about rituals and mind power.

Thank you for reading!

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