Retrain Your Brain and Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

Retrain Your Brain and Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

I was in a cafe waiting for a coffee.

On the other side of the plastic plants, was a utility worker in his dirty uniform complaining to his coworkers. He was shouting, “Why does this always happen to me. I am always getting screwed. Every time I get ahead, I always get screwed again.” 

He was saying it with total conviction.

His words, voice, body language and his emotions all reinforced the belief that he is “always getting screwed.”

In other words, he was programming the 3 levels of the mind, the conscious, subconscious and vibrational mind. 

So of course, what is going to happen?

The universe is saying,

“Ha ha, Okay, your wish is my command. Let’s see how else I can screw up your day.”

Buddha said, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

You create your world on three levels. 

Your words may say, “I want more money.”

But your subconscious mind is sabotaging your thoughts with a looping reel inside your mind, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Filthy rich people are crooks.” “I can never get ahead.” 

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Sound familiar? 

If you are vibrationally and emotionally attached to these thoughts, then you are in an endless loop of financial struggle. 

It may not even be in the awareness of your conscious mind. You may not realize that you have these programs going on in your mind. But they have been silently repeating in your head for decades from your childhood experiences and they are repelling the money and abundance that you want.  

It is impossible to change that belief system. 

Unless … unless … 

Unless you know how to reach into the three levels of your mind and eliminate those negative beliefs AND fill the void with a belief that will empower you.

In other words, you need to align with the kinds of things you want to attract.

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No worries, because it is easy to do with no extra time or effort.

This is exciting stuff because when you get this,

You will be able to reprogram anything that you have previously learned or experienced and replace it with an empowering belief that manifests and attracts the things you want like a new car, a new job, more money, happiness, or even a soul mate. 

“What? You’re saying that a simple change in my thoughts and I can attract anything I want and live the way I have always wanted?”

Actually … YES!

That is exactly what I am saying. 

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Your mind is so powerful that it can even heal itself of disease, from chronic poverty, addiction, or anything else you want to change in your life. Even childhood trauma. I know this personally in my life. 

Let me prove it to you with an example you already have experience with. This will help you understand and apply it to your life. 

When you were a child and it was a month before your birthday and you really wanted a new bicycle. Or insert the thing you wanted really really bad. What happened?

You asked your parents for it.

You prayed for it.

You wished for it.

You talked about it.

You found photos of it.

You told everyone how much you loved it and really wanted it.

In fact, you probably didn’t shut up about it. 

Plus, you cleaned your room, did extra chores, you were extra nice and polite. You were even nice to your icky little brother. 

You also reminded your parents how much you wanted it, and you told them that you were being good and deserving of it because of all the extra chores and good deeds you did. 

Then on your birthday, to your excitement, but not a surprise, you got your new bicycle with a big bow on it. 

Your parents were probably happier than you because it gives them immense joy too to see you happy and smile. 

This is how life works too, except the universe takes the place of your parents.

The universe wants to give you EVERYTHING you want.

The universe receives great joy in seeing you happy because it is a circle of aligned energy. 

You do your part and the universe will do its part.

Everyone wins. 

Even if it seems like the universe doesn’t want to help you. Even if your life has been heartache and challenge, the universe is waiting patiently for you to align to the gifts you want and deserve.

And then it will shower down on like water coming out of a fire hydrant.

About the Author:

Croix Sather is an author, speaker, and international expert on the law of attraction and manifestation. He ran across America by tapping into the power of his mind to go from a non-runner to a marathon a day for 100 days, in less than a year. He lives a travel lifestyle globe hopping while working from his laptop in search of the next great adventure and the hidden masters of the mind.  

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Here’s to your success and prosperity!

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