The Abundance Consciousness and How to Achieve It

The abundance consciousness doesn’t have much to do with your mindset.. Actually, it doesn’t have much to do with your mind at all. (You’ll understand why soon.) Consciousness goes much deeper than the mind, emotions, or even ego. It arises from your core, and it ripples through your entire being. So, true abundance can only […]

Regaining Your Energy and Flow Blockages

Regaining Wasted Energy & Effort Another amazing thing that happens when you start aligning with the natural flow of abundance, as touched on the previous article, is that you also start to free up an incredible amount of energy from your body, mind, and life. Most of us don’t realize just how much effort and […]

How to Unleash The Flow of Abundance

Unleashing the Flow If you want to make things effortless then you should make small changes to allow the flow of abundance to come into your life unhindered, i.e. without interfering with, or restraining the natural flow in any way. So, if you were to think of abundance itself as a vast, endless ocean, you […]

How to Cure Yourself When You Are Feeling Stressed and Frustrated

Change Your Mindset   While you are living your day to day life, it is impossible to feel always good and high. Good and bad things happen day in and day out, and the only defense you have when bad things happen is how to choose to react to them. Years ago i struggled(sometimes is […]

How To Stop Holding Grudges And Start Forgiving People

Learning the Act of Forgiveness Figuring out how to pardon someone who really wronged you is not an easy thing. Most time we imagine that we are over it and have forgiven them but in most cases we usually hold a grudge against them. However holding resentment only hurts you the more. You only end […]

How To Find Your Calling and Your Purpose In Life

Many people go around perplexed about their calling in life. Some might wonder what their calling in life has to do with anything. There is a good reason for people to think about their life calling. The reason is that most people need to feel a higher cause for their lives and existence. Most people […]

A Personality Trait That Can Change Your Life

How Kindness Can Get Your Further In Life There are two things I know for sure about kindness. 1. Kindness is not weak. 2. Often, kindness is not easy.   Kindness is often characterised as an individual who is missing his backbone. Someone who apologizes for something that’s neither his responsibility nor doing or who […]

An Important Self-Improvement Question to Always Ask

The Most Important Question to Always Ask Does it Help Me Achieve My Goals?   Why do so many people not get what they want out of life? Why do so many people find themselves falling into jobs they don’t really want? Or living places that don’t make them happy? Or with lifestyles that they […]

How to Use Fear to Overcome Anything Holding You Back

Most of us have plans and goals that far exceed our realities and it can be a painful feeling to know that you’re selling yourself short. Despite this though, many of us are too afraid or too unsure to take the necessary next steps. It never feels like the ‘right time’ (newsflash: it is never […]

How to Change Your Circumstances for Your Favor

Everything that you’ve ever achieved, and want to accomplish comes from you – your mind.  You set the limits and expectations for what you want in life, which is why I mentioned in the previous article, that the first step to breaking free from your limitations, is to learn how to control and change your perception […]